Areas of Focus

4Girls Foundation is dedicated to assisting girls and women in areas that can affect the daily lives of individuals everywhere. 4Girls invests in the following four program areas:

Health & Wellness

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Human Rights



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Economic Opportunity

4Girls Foundation believes that physical and mental well-being are the basis for living a productive, fulfilling, and inspiring life. Therefore, it is the ambition of 4Girls to ensure accessible health care, to teach women and girls to make healthy decisions, and to improve the self esteem of girls and women across the globe.

4Girls funds organizations promoting health and well being, focusing on advocacy, early intervention, treatment, and recovery care for issues such as eating disorders, mental illness, trauma recovery, and maternal health.

Inequality and gross injustices regarding basic human rights are detrimental challenges that girls and woman face, compromising their ability to flourish in the home, workplace, and community. 4Girls Foundation believes that every individual should have the basic rights of freedom, equality and safety regardless of race, nationality, age, ethnicity, religion and gender. Because of this, 4Girls invests in initiatives working to eliminate civil rights violations and assist girls and women to achieve the equal standing necessary to provide for themselves and their families. 

Recent contributions by 4Girls have aided immigrants striving for a better life, girls and women fleeing from sex trafficking, women and children finding shelter from domestic violence, survivors of sexual assault, and homeless families needing a safe haven.

Change can take place through the power of education, and 4Girls Foundation believes that every individual should have equal access to a quality education. 4Girls helps facilitate the groundwork needed for accessible education through educational youth initiatives such as furnishing and equipping libraries that help foster readers, funding college readiness workshops and after school enrichment programs, and providing deserving students with scholarships to college and vocational programs.

In addition, 4Girls supports programs that mentor young girls, inspiring and encouraging independent thinking and problem solving.

4Girls Foundation aids girls and women residing in low socioeconomic communities to find empowerment, gain financial independence and self-sufficiency, and realize their full potential as valuable members of their community and the world.

4Girls Foundation supports initiatives in the areas of professional and small business development and access to economic opportunities believing that by investing in women, their families and the communities they live in, everyone benefits. 

For a full list of organizations that 4Girls Foundation, Inc. has invested in, please CLICK HERE.